Grandview PE-L120DY3(R2) Dynamique UST Ambient Light Rejecting Screen-120"(58.8x104.6)-16:9-0.4 Gain

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Item #: GV-PE-L120DY3(R2)
Manufacturer Part #: PE-L120DY3(R2)
Special Features:
Ambient Light Rejection, Ultra Short Throw
Supported Resolution:
Screen Type:
Fixed Frame, Ultra Short Throw
Mount Type:
HDTV [16:9]
Viewable Diagonal in.:
Viewable Width in.:
Viewable Height in.:
Product Status:
In Stock
Product Line:
Front/Rear Projection:
Projection Surface:

Dynamique Series ALR Fixed Frame Screen For UST

Grandvew's Dynamique Series Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) screen features deep black levels, high contrast, excellent color saturation, and wide viewing angle. The Dynamique Series is a perfect pair with any ultra-short throw projectors on the market. These ALR UST projector screens allow for incredible audio AND visuals. You will be able to watch your favorite show even with ambient light on a big screen. The DY3 fabric can only be used with ultra-short throw projectors.

  • Sizes: 90", 100", 110", 120" - 16:9
  • Installation Options: Wall Mount
  • 12mm bezel
  • Multi-Point Tension Design
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Easy Installation
  • Lightweight design

120 inches Black Grid Ambient Light Screen

Optical physics
4K ultra clear
image quality
120 inches
Huge picture
Physical Anti- Light Ambient light resist during the day
Support 4K images Micron-scale light grid structure
Ultra short throw Optimized for UST projector
Large projection screen Support 120 inches projection maximum
Diffuse reflection imaging Care for the eye
140 wide viewing angle panoramic view

Black grid anti-light principle

The surface has a finely engraved toothed grid that only provides targeted reflection of the incident beam of the projector at a specific angle. Non-imaged ambient light is absorbed by the light-absorbing coating on the other side of the toothed grid and no diffraction occurs. Because the color reproduction of the black grid is as high as 99%, Even during the day, you don’t need to close the curtains, you don’t need to turn off the lights, you can still have a saturated, richly-lit projection screen.

Black grid screen and Matt white screen comparison

The special micron-scale grid structure on the surface of the black grid screen blocks the upper interference light source, and the light source of the ultra-short-throw projector below is reflected in parallel, and the image quality is clearer and brighter.The ordinary Matt white screen is made of ordinary PVC material, which is rough in workmanship and only works better than white wall.

Indoor glare light environment during the day

Grandview ALR screen and other brands ALR screen comparison

Use Grandview black grid ALR screen can reduce the influence of ambient light and effectively improve brightness and contrast. The picture performance is clearer and brighter. other brands ALR screen have poor light resistance, and color saturation reduces the viewing effect.

140° wide viewing angle

120-inch large screen is more than 140 °of viewing angle, complete coverage of the home theatre viewing area, 12MM ultra-narrow bezel design, the screen is outstanding, with the use of laser ultra-short-throw projector, can achieve the giant screen laser TV effect.


Actual Environment

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Product Reviews
Grandview ust screen
Image looks good on the screen, I’m using the optima p2 projector. The reason for 3 stars is the screen had a couple of small creases. For the price it should be perfect.
Good quality screen using a vava ultra short throw projectors colors pop really good even during day light hours and with ambient lighting. Plus got it for a great price.
Amazing UST ALR screen, on par with higher end models for half the price
<p>I was blown away at well this works with lots of ambient light. My home theater room is the worst in regards to ambient light bouncing around. I have tan walls, whitish tile floor. I had been living with my Epson with a Stewart Firehawk screen that was roughly eleven years old. I never had a need to replace it. This is paired with the Optoma P1.</p>
<p>Even in ideal conditions (bat cave), the image still looks much better on this screen due to the way it reflects light. My main reason for picking Grandview over some of the lower priced models like the Elite Aeon CLR, xyscreens, vividstorm and other screen manufacturers is due to this screen being able to resolve pixels at 4k. The lower end models can't do this and advertise as "4K-Ready". This means nothing, just like companies selling HDMI 2.1 "ready" cables when the specs aren't final. Attached are some images and videos of during the day with all lights on and one with all lights off. This was shot during the middle of the day so there is light coming through the bay windows. SI and Da-lite were out of my price range. </p>
<p>I can't speak enough about the customer server from projectorscreen. It's a much different experience then dealing with bigger name retailers. I highly recommend calling/emailing them if you have any questions. I ended up talking to there main PJ guy for around 45 minutes, I initially had two questions but he went into great detail on the differences in brands/prices, ect.. Extremely honest and didn't try to push me towards the SI or Da-lite like most retailers would. </p>
<p>I had a minor imperfection in the individual screen material. The new material arrived in less than a week after contacting projectorscreen. Please note that the picture and videos attached are BEFORE the screen material was replaced. Any imperfections where fixed with the replacement. </p>
<p>I don't buy expensive audio/video equipment often but my next purchase will be from here. I had never heard of Grandview and I feel like part of the price difference is due to lack of marketing which reduces costs to the user. Get a sample, compare it to others and make up your own mind. You won't be disappointed with this screen though, that I can guarantee. </p>
<p>Middle of the Day All Light On</p>
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<p>Middle of Day ALl Lights Off</p>
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It helps with accuracy and clarity
It helps with accuracy and clarity
High quality screen for a good price!
It takes two of us a couple of hours for installation, but once it is done, it looks super nice! Right screen for our media room. Recommend to anyone who wants a ultra short throw projector!
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