Elite PFT100H-DST Pro Frame Thin DarkUST 100 diag. (49x87.2) - 16:9 - DarkStar UST - 0.5 Gain

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Item #: Elite-PFT100H-DST
Manufacturer Part #: PFT100H-DST
Special Features:
Ambient Light Rejection, Ultra Short Throw
Supported Resolution:
Screen Type:
Fixed Frame, Ultra Short Throw
Mount Type:
HDTV [16:9]
Elite Screens
Viewable Diagonal in.:
Viewable Width in.:
Viewable Height in.:
Surface Color:
Product Status:
In Stock
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Product Line:
Pro Frame Thin DarkUST
Front/Rear Projection:
Projection Surface:

The Pro Frame Thin DarkUST is Elite ProAV’s EDGE FREE® ultra-short throw fixed frame screen. It uses our innovative ceiling/ambient light rejecting DarkUST material which absorbs up to 95% of overhead light.

The DarkUST material has a serriform optical surface structure made specifically to negate the washout effect caused by overhead and other off-axis light sources. This technology allows the material to retain image brightness, color saturation and contrast for superior picture performance. The EDGE FREE® design permits the DarkUST material to wraparound the inside of the frame to maximize the viewing area in a smaller footprint. The material is designed for use with ultra-short throw table-top configurations without worrying about shadowing the picture when giving a presentation in front of the screen. The Pro Frame Thin DarkUST compliments any boardroom, training facilities decor.

Screen Material

  • DarkUST Ceiling Light Rejecting® material absorbs up to 95% of overhead lighting
  • 100x contrast improvement over matte white under ambient light room conditions
  • Micro-serriform optical structure filters out ambient light for superior picture quality
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle allows viewers to spread out while maintaining uniform picture quality
  • 4K/8K Ultra HD Ready
  • Black backing eliminates light penetration
  • Available in diagonal sizes 100” and 120’ in 16:9 aspect ratio

Design and Installation

  • Sleek EDGE FREE® Fixed Frame resembles a flat panel TV
  • Lightweight aluminum split-frame design
  • Wraparound design maximizes viewing area and reduces overall footprint
  • Ultra-thin black bezel trim
  • Project within a short distance without shadowing the picture
  • Designed for table-top ultra-short throw projectors
  • LED back-light kit included with IR remote control

Quality and Reliability

  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Lifetime Tech Support by Elite’s professional Service Team through Email, Web Chat or Toll-Free Phone Call


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Product Reviews
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Screen 5 stars, Light Kit 0 Stars
The screen is built extremely well - especially seeing I had to take it off the wall numerous times to try and figure out the worthless light kit. I had a cheaper Elite screen and there is a major step up in quality when going with their pro model. I can't compare this with the Grandview (the other close option), but the screen material is excellent. I have this paired with the Epson UST and I have a very good viewing experience with a TON of ambient light. Light coming from the side is still an issue (way too many windows in my space), but it's amazing at blocking overhead lights - we leave our skylights open 100% of the time now! FYI - when viewing the screen from the floor, it looks light gray - when viewing from above, it looks black.

I decided on the elite screen as it was supposed to be easier to put together and have a channel for a light kit. The second part (direct quote from customer service) was extremely misleading. Turns out the light kit is for Elite's Aeon series screens, not the Darkstar. For light kits to work with screens, the LED strip needs to be perpendicular to the wall or at least shine outwards on the wall - similar to how Screen Innovations does it. After WEEKS of going back and forth with customer service and having to prove that placing the LED strip *anywhere* on the back of the screen will not produce ambient light, I am told that Elite wants me to attach the $10 strip of LEDs to the outside of the frame. Obviously, this is a joke, as it's a $2700 screen and I won't tape a tacky LED strip on the outside of it. In the end, I made my own .5" frame out of wood and then mounted the screen to that frame. I was very disappointed that customer service did not offer any compensation for the weeks of back and forth trying to figure this out, the additional expense, or the misleading advertising. They should say the screen comes with a light kit, but won't work unless you tack it to the outside of the frame. Hopefully, this either saves someone a similar headache of figuring it out or an idea for how to make a subframe work!
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Elite PFT120H-DST

Nice quality construction and everything fits together nicely. Worth the price. Results are amazing. The instructions are inconsistent between what’s comes with the product and what is available on-line.

Example, Sequence of when to install center support, no mention of black springs use. (I figured it out after putting on wall the obvious sag of bottom outer trim piece.

Special thanks to David Solomon for recommending this screen!

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High quality product with amazing image quality.

High quality product with amazing image quality. 

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